The Pursuit of Happiness – A Thespians Tale

I would like to start of my blog by stating that I am not a famous person or a rich person. I am someone looking to enjoy the experience of acting and writing for stage and screen. From the age of 14 I considered myself a writer, egotistical I know! I wrote short stories and poetry that even now I look back and think really?

My love for the stage came just after starting college, I enjoyed being able to dive head first into playing another character and forget about the world around me.

It wasn’t until university that I guess I realised that not every play you perform has to be ‘traditional’. Creating and manipulating the world around me became a fascination and that was where my love for writing came from.

I have not become the world famous playwright I would like to be but at this point I am still hopeful and enthusiastic about any interesting and new experiences with the theatre world. I will take on any role and be the best I can be.  That is also why I decided to start a blog, some times the theatrical world, even in small and quiet parts of the world can be the most clicky organisations you will ever deal with.

I will continue to persue my art of acting and writing but I feel that sometimes, even when writers block looms and an audition crashed an burned you find yourself wanting to vent it out but eventually say.

The Show Must Go On!

So to my life audience, whoever you are….Enjoy!